Welcome to our Goshen Family!!

We are here to LOVE, GROW, and SERVE together as a family. We hope you will join us as we

express our LOVE for God and others in worship,

GROW in our relationship with God and others in Bible study, and

SERVE God and others through outreach events.


The Salacoa Valley in northwest Cherokee County was settled in 1850 is what was known as “The Little Virginia Colony.” They arrived in the fall and at once commenced to building log cabins for protection from the coming cold winter. It is believed that one of these log houses served for a time as a house of worship become the establishment of Goshen Baptist in mid-summer 1888. The Church was named by the first pastor Rev. H.P Sheffeild who suggested that the church be called “Goshen” for, he said, “the valley is a land of plenty.” Of course he was recalling that Goshen was a division of Egypt a “land of plenty,” where in the Bible Joseph brought his father Jacob and his brother and their families that they might be spared from a great famine.

Three years later the original church was built and the original building remains today as the basic structure with several additions and improvements. The church also served as the community school for several years. In 1961 Goshen joined the Etowah Baptist Association and is still a member today.

May we always remember those who made our church possible for us today. They build the church because they loved to hear the name of Jesus. They labored here, prayed here, sang here, and shed tears here, both of sorrow and joy, leaving our church as the testimony of their spiritual labors of their faith in God.

Source: Goshen Baptist Church the First 100 Years